Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 is a repayment plan for individuals with regular income and unsecured debt less then $307,675 or secured debt less than $922,975. The debtor keeps his or her property and makes regular payments to a Chapter 13 trustee. As a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, Richard Croak has represented individuals throughout the upstate New York area. On occasion, a business that is not incorporated (sole proprietors) will file for protection under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

At the law office of Richard Croak, we provide not only excellent legal advice for Chapter 13 individuals, but we also make our services more affordable and more flexible.

  • Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer will allow you to put your legal fees into a plan suitable for Chapter 13 so you do not have to pay as much money up front.
  • Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer has had many successes in lowering car payments and offering legal advice to help our bankruptcy filers catch up mortgage payments to keep their homes.
  • Our Chapter 13 "up front" fees are minimal so you can begin the process sooner- this helps to end the creditor harassment and other stressful actions inclusive with this process.

We Can Save You Today; Make the Call, We’ll Save You From Repossession and Foreclosure

If you have questions or concerns and want to speak to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, please call our law office today, or contact our bankruptcy law firm via the Internet. For your convenience, we have two office locations for in-person consultations.